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itinerary planning


Itinerary Planning

Let us help solve that annoying question "what do we want to eat?" or fill that down time with awesome experiences. We want you to soak in Savannah & all it has to offer! Working with our incredible partners from bars, restaurants, fitness classes, and much more we can show you a good time...stress free.

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Paper Plans

Step it up a notch by making your plans visual!

We can create themed "paper plans" for your weekend! These custom cards will hold all the information for your fun filled weekend. From where to meet, what to wear, or just a way to keep your group on time....these paper plans are a great way to keep the party going!

Don't forget to add custom

Venmo Cards

Add on our custom Venmo cards to pass out & reap the rewards of being a bachelorette! They are completely custom & can be made into multiple different versions. The perfect add on for your epic party! 

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